The Plainfield Garden Tour chooses gardens each year that will be enjoyable and educational. A variety of gardens, large and small, sunny and shady, are selected to illustrate just what can be done with different situations gardeners might face. Some of the gardens are professionally designed and installed, while others are entirely done by the homeowners themselves. Some gardeners will know and label the name of every plant in their landscapes, while others just enjoy the beauty of their flowers and hard work. All of the homeowners have worked hard to make their gardens a joy to visit, as we are sure you will. 

Out of respect for the homeowners and their privacy, we don’t publish the addresses and names of the gardens on our website. This eliminates guests from visiting the gardens outside the prescribed garden tour times. On the ticket, there is a map and detailed directions from one garden to the next. Thanks for your support of the Plainfield-Guilford Township Public Library!

2016-pink-yarrow Garden #1 – TBA
Garden #2 – TBA  
Garden #3 –  TBA
 Garden #4 & #5 – TBA  
 2016-birdhouse-pergola Garden #6 – TBA
Garden #7 – TBA   2016-pot-people

Due to the nature of a garden tour, not all gardens are handicap accessible.