The Plainfield Garden Tour chooses gardens each year that will be enjoyable and educational. A variety of gardens, large and small, sunny and shady, are selected to illustrate just what can be done with different situations gardeners might face. Some of the gardens are professionally designed and installed, while others are entirely done by the homeowners themselves. Some gardeners will know and label the name of every plant in their landscapes, while others just enjoy the beauty of their flowers and hard work. All of the homeowners have worked hard to make their gardens a joy to visit, as we are sure you will. 

Out of respect for the homeowners and their privacy, we don’t publish the addresses and names of the gardens on our website. This eliminates guests from visiting the gardens outside the prescribed garden tour times. On the ticket, there is a map and detailed directions from one garden to the next. Thanks for your support of the Plainfield-Guilford Township Public Library!

2016-pink-yarrow Garden #1 – is a beautiful place to start the tour. This homeowner loves to enjoy a pleasant evening on her back deck surrounded by lovely perennials and gardens. She has designed her landscaping both for curb appeal and for creating a comfortable oasis for her family and guests. We are sure that you, too, will enjoy your visit.
Garden #2 – This family built their current home just a few years ago, and their beautiful landscaping shows not only lots of thought and planning, but a great eye for design, interest, and color. This garden features a variety of conifers, Japanese maples, and a growing perennial display. Be on the lookout for some unusual plants as well as old favorites.
Garden #3 – These plant lovers offer almost every gardening condition imaginable; sun, shade, wet, dry – which has allowed them to experiment with a wide variety of plants. She enjoys creating steel sculptures and mixed media pieces of art to complement the gardens.  Allow time to enjoy a walk on the woodland path, stroll along the sunny borders, and peek inside the little greenhouse. Many changes have been made over the years.  The swimming pool has been removed and the entire area has been redesigned with new gardens and hardscapes to create a backyard paradise perfect for outdoor relaxation. 2016-sunflower
Garden #4 – Set high on a wooded overlook in the lovely Hickory Woods subdivision, these homeowners have developed beautiful and interesting shade gardens for the rugged site. Every turn of the path leads you to a different view and/or interest, including a soothing pond and waterfall. Notice the careful planting of perennials which combine and complement the native wildflowers.
 2016-birdhouse-pergola Garden #5 – Conquering the challenge of a steep hill in the back and one side of her property on a corner lot this homeowner has created a series of beautifully landscaped terraces, flagstone paths, and a wrap-around deck. Favorite plantings of hostas, ferns, and flowers make for a relaxing retreat.
Garden #6 – She keeps an immaculate landscape at her rural suburban home. She loves to divide and propagate some of her favorite plants to create borders and beds throughout her gardens. She adds interesting and special plants as she discovers them and has an imaginative eye for design.
Garden #7 – These retired educators have created a seamless variety of 18 different gardens on half of their five acres. He enjoys constructing mobiles and garden art out of flea market finds and She is the “Queen of Thrift” when it comes to acquiring plants. Bring your cameras and prepare to collect ideas. 2016-pot-people

Due to the nature of a garden tour, not all gardens are handicap accessible.